Is this the next frosé?


Is this the next frosé?
The Freezling Project's Canberra District Riesling, Dragonfruit and Elderflower.

A restaurant in Sydney’s Crows Nest has created what could be the industry’s next Instagrammable cocktail trend.

Annata’s owner Christian Blair took inspiration from the ctiy’s recent heatwave, and from the incredible success of the frozen rosé (frosé) cocktail, creating The Freezling Project.

“Australia is in the middle of a heatwave so I broke out the blender from home and started blending everything in sight. Frozé has received criticism for being used as an excuse to sell poor, cheap wine, so remembering a conversation I had with my friend Jimmy Hopkins (The Fruitful Pursuit, Adelaide) where we had joked about 'Freezling' – he'd left a bottle of Riesling in the freezer too long – I decided to see if, I could create something equally as delicious and refreshing as frosé, but maintaining the wine’s integrity.”

The Freezling Project offers a range of low alcohol, frozen Riesling-based cocktails including:

  • Canberra District Riesling, Watermelon, Triple Sec
  • Skin Contact Riesling, Nashi Pear, Ginger
  • Kabinett-Style Riesling, Yellow Nectarine
  • Western Australian Riesling, Cantaloupe, White Vermouth
  • Clare Valley Riesling Dragonfruit, Elderflower

“Riesling is such a versatile grape; it does particularly well on Australian soils and pulling a few different kinds out of our fridge at the restaurant there was so much to play with.  Varying sweetness levels and flavour profiles meant it was possible to create a suite of drinks based on different Rieslings, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.”

The Freezling Project will be available until the end of March.




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