Get your share of Christmas sales with your own gift card system

Get your share of Christmas sales with your own gift card system

As the festive season fast approaches, your customers will soon begin their hunt for the perfect gift for family and friends.

A gift card program is a great way to capitalise on this high sales period, and allows your customers a convenient way to gift an experience at your venue.

It is no doubt that gift cards have become the gift of choice for consumers. Australians spend around $2.5 billion on gift cards each year, with nearly 90 percent of the population either receiving or having gifted one in the last year. However the effective use of gift cards has been dominated by the retail sector.

ROLLER, an Australian-based hospitality and leisure software company, has introduced a new solution that will allow every business to manage their own, fully branded digital gift card system.

This system allows customers to purchase gift cards directly from your website and Facebook pages, schedule the digital delivery to their desired recipient, and also provides simple redemption methods for fast paced services businesses. And for the traditionalists, there is still the option for physical gift cards to be posted to their recipient or sold on premise.

ROLLER has also introduced an innovative feature that is designed to provide that extra level of ‘personalisation’ to the digital gift card experience. When purchasing their gift cards, customers can now record their own video message directly from their mobile phones, which will be displayed to the recipient to introduce the gift.

Not only are gift cards a great way to capture revenue during the Christmas period, independent research has concluded that on average, customers spend 20 percent more than the value of their gift card, enticing further spend and possible repeat business.

ROLLER’s Digital Gift Card system aims to streamline the experience for both merchants & customers. To learn more, visit or email

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